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Why sell your property through a real estate agent when selling privately is a very viable choice.

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Selling Privately in New Zealand

If you are thinking about selling your home privately in New Zealand, then we can help. We are private sale specialists and have been helping property owners sell privately since 1999.

We provide property owners comprehensive information about selling privately along with professional real estate signage, brochures, sign stands plus the book 'Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand'.

Shop our online store or if you have any questions get in touch.

Real Estate Signs and Products

Order real estate sign boards, for sale signage, brochures, selling a home privately book and other useful selling tools. Satisfaction guaranteed and thousands of happy property owners.

FREE premium property listing worth $69 with any order.

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House For Sale Signs
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  • Easy to read, professional for sale sign

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Save by Selling Privately

There are number of good reasons to consider a private sale, one of the main reasons being the huge savings from not having to pay real estate fees. The number of home owners selling privately varies from year to year but typically sits between 10% and 22% of all properties that are listed for sale at any one time.

Use the real estate commission calculator to give you a ballpark idea of what you could save selling your own property yourself.

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The sale was confirmed a few days after our deadline. The process was good and we used the DIY Real Estate signage and brochures. They worked really well.

Chris Bridgman, Christchurch

I would like to thank you for your fantastic products, great communication, very fast delivery plus awesome friendly service.

Sue Wells, Rotorua

Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand

By far the greatest fear for people is that they aren't usually 100% sure about how to sell their home themselves and this lack of knowledge can create uncertainties and a lack of confidence. There is also a perceived mystery about the processes involved when in reality it's not all that hard if you break it down into logical steps. As long as your asking price is within the correct pricing band for similar properties and the property presentation is up to standard, the rest will flow from this. DIY Real Estate are here to help so feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Why sell your property through a real estate agent when selling privately is a very viable choice. Selling your own home or property privately not only saves real estate commission fees but people choosing the homesell FSBO (For Sale By Owner) option means they are in control - and the process itself is not hard to follow.

Private Sale Information

Private Sale Information

When it comes to selling real estate privately in NZ there are three distinct groups:

  1. Those who haven't previously considered a private sale and need more information
  2. Those who are selling privately but aren't necessarily maximising their chances of success
  3. Those who would like to give it a go but aren't too sure about how to go about it

Don't just ring a real estate agent - consider selling your own property. Read more about why you should be selling your house privately in New Zealand and consider buying the book 'Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand.'

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Private Sale Book - The 'How to Guide' to Selling Property Privately

Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand

Written specifically for the New Zealand market and regularly updated and reprinted, the 130 page book 'Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand' is a must read.

The book 'Selling a Home Privately in New Zealand' can be purchased for just $39 (free delivery). Place your order now.

Read book reviews and media releases.

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Real Estate Signage - Signs, Brochures and Products

Real estate signs including real estate open home signs

Real estate signage is very important and many properties sales eventuate from people simply driving past and seeing a for sale sign. Signs reflect your professional attitude and present a good image. Ultimately, potential buyers should not even be able to tell you are selling your house privately.

DIY Real Estate is able to supply cost effective real estate signs and sales aids including For Sale signs, Open Home signs and Sign Stands, Brochures and Brochure Holders.

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Private Sale Real Estate - Property Listings

DIY Real Estate feature properties for sale from around New Zealand that are for sale privately. Anyone who has property for sale privately can have a basic free property listing and those who purchase signage are entitled to a premium property listing worth $69 for free.

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With a wide range of private house sales in New Zealand - from a holiday home close to the beach to million dollar properties - buying privately couldn't be easier. Check out the listing for sale privately.

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