Frequently Asked Questions

There are usually a few questions when it comes to selling your property. As experts in their field DIY Real Estate has put together some of the most common questions and provided the answers. This includes real estate terms and meanings, general information about selling privately and practical answers to some of the 'how to' questions.

Private Sale Signs

Q: What are real estate signs made of?

A: Most signs are made of a corregated plastic material usually 3mm thick (although larger signs over 1 metre in size are 5mm thick).

Q: How long do the corflute signs last outdoors?

A: For outdoors use, the signs are deemed to be a temporary signage solution. It all depends how much sunlight and UV exposure a sign will get however they will generally last a year. This is more than enough time for a real estate sign as you should have sold you property well before this.

Q: How is the sign printed?

A: Typically the sign is printed on directly with ink - sort of like a large inkjet printer. This means good colours and accurate positioning of text etc.

Q: How do I put up a sign?

A: This depends on where you can or need to place the sign. Read How to Put up a Real Estate Sign section. 



If you can't find an answer to your property question here, please contact DIY Real Estate and we will endeavour to answer it.