Real Estate Fees - Commission Calculator Guide

The Real Estate Commission Fee Calculator is a tool that calculates the real estate fees a property owner might pay a real estate agent in a particular location for the sale of a property. It is a guide only but gives an approximate cost should a property be sold via a real estate agent. 

How much does it cost to Sell Privately compared to a Real Estate Agent?

Just use the real estate commission fees calculator below to get an idea how much it is to sell your home. Selling privately is considerably cheaper than using a real estate agent. Besides other benefits such as the home owner being in control of the sale process and knowing their own property, the overall costs associated with selling privately are typically:

The main cost is usually the online property listing with TradeMe and signage etc is realatively cheap. Some home owners opt for a larger sign, more open home signs or a brochure holder etc however these options typically only add about $100 more to the overall price. Budget anywhere between $500 and $700 inc GST to sell privately and compare this with what a real estaet agent would charge.

Use the real estate commission fees calculator below to see the approx cost to sell your propety through a real estate agent.

Real Estate Fee Calculator - Commission Guide

This real estate commission calculator tool will help you work out the approximate standard commission fees for various real estate agents throughout New Zealand. This is approximately how much it will cost in total (commission fees plus administration charges) to sell your property using a real estate agency. Commission guide results include GST.