How to Put up a Real Estate Sign

Typically a real estate corflute sign is either 1200mm (h) x 900mm (w) or 600mm (h) x 900mm (w). The obvious place to put up your sign is in the front of your property. There are several options on how to do this but it generally depends on whether you have a fence or not. The following is a guide to putting up a sign.

Wooden Fence

Attaching a sign to a wooden fence is relatively easy. You need is the following:

Position the sign at a suitably high position (usually close to the top of the fence is best) and screw the self tapping screw and washer through the corflute sign in each of the corners (about 20 to 30mm from the edges) and half way down on the left and right hand edges. The washers help stop the screw pulling through the sign.

Concrete, Block or Plaster Fence

While these fences are usually the same height as the wooden fence, a sign isn't easily able to be screwed directly to the fence.

There are two options:

1. Make a frame and hang the sign onto the fence from the top.

This is a bit more work but not too difficult. You need is the following:

You can buy wooden stakes from a garden centre or general hanyman store.

Lay the sign down and make a wooden frame for the back side of the sign. Make two 'L' shaped wooden brackets and scew each bracket to the top edge of the wooden frame (left and right edges). The end result will be a wooden sign frame that can be hung on the fence. The small part of the 'L' will grip the inside of the fence at the top so it doesn't slip forward.

Screw the sign to the wooden frame using the self tapping screws and washers.

2: Use wooden stakes so the sign sits away from the fence (see Low or No Fence instructions)

Low or No Fence

You will need to construct a wooden frame holder that is anchored into the ground (usually the front garden or grass verge). You will need:

Using a garden stake of an appropriate height, hit this into the ground. Measure the width of the sign and hit the second stake into the ground. Decide what height the sign will go and add a wooden cross member at the bottom and top. This allows the sign to be attached using the self tapping screws and washers to the newly erected frame.

For extra stability place two pegs or short stakes into the ground behind the sign and brace two wooden stakes from the top of the sign to the pegs in the ground.